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How I developed my current techniques of Asian Blepharoplasty®

Since I started three decades ago, I have seen a great number of patients that were referred to me for evaluation who had double eyelid surgery elsewhere and developed undesirable results. I was known for correcting and improving on most of these patients and went on to teach other physicians on how to avoid the pitfalls in this form of double eyelid surgery.

Eventually, I developed my own system and methodology of isolating all the potential problems such that I can perform this surgery in a systematic approach for first time patients, and I was asked to give a teaching course on "How To Do It Right". In 1987, I published and coined the term "ASIAN BLEPHAROPLASTY" in a medical journal. Eventually, I registered the use of the term "Asian Blepharoplasty®" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The term "Asian Blepharoplasty®" has now filtered into the plastic surgery lexicon as well as literature and is a source of comfort and pride for me. You may find many of my original ideas from my published work as you explore this field of double eyelid surgery.